DiabetesTeam Lite

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ヘルスケア/フィットネス メディカル
開発者 Unosano

Tracking all the information associated with proper diabetes management can be overwhelming. My Diabetes Team App is designed to help you manage, understand, and track your all the key information associated with controlling your blood sugar:

- Blood Glucose
- Insulin
- Activity
- Carbs


- Easy log entry of your blood glucose, insulin, carbs, and activity.
- Built in pedometer with goal setting
- Table summary of all your information
- Integrated email of your information
- Scrollable graphs of blood glucose readings and trend data
- Overlay of carbs, insulin, and activity on single graph
- Overlay graphics help track day to day BG trends.
- Retina Display
- Choice of mmol/L or mg/dL blood glucose units